Travelbook Hotels is a hotel chain with over 250 hotels across the world ranging from cosy villas to luxurious five-star resorts. We have properties that cater to travellers looking for spas and relaxation, business and events, golfing and more. Because we work closely with our affiliated hotels and because you are booking directly with the hotel itself you cut out the middle man so don’t be surprised that you may get special rewards or perks or lower rates than you might find on other booking sites. Finding a hotel is easy and booking your stay is even easier, so why not plan your next holiday or business trip with Travelbook Hotels.
A Unique Collection of Hotels
Ashnil, Masai Mara Kenya
Sunshine Marine Lodge, Zanzibar Tanzania
Proteas Blu, Samos Greece
Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
Ole Serai Luxury Camps, Serengeti Tanzania
Room50Two, Gaborone Botswana
Bishop’s House, Ruhengeri Rwanda
Windsor Golf Resort, Nairobi Kenya
Villa Monticello, Accra Ghana
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