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448 Panamericana Sur, Nazca, Ica, Peru

Hotel Majoro, a single floor hotel, was built in the 19th Century as an Augustine convent. In the early 20s it was sold to Enrique Fraccia, a prominent Italian merchant, the exclusive representative of the Peruvian Steam Navigation Company. Mr. Fraccia also bought 100 hectares of land and was very successful with his Pima cotton plantation. The Hacienda was inherited by his nephew Enrique De La Borda Roncaggiolo.

In 1968, during the military junta, the land was expropriated and given to the workers. Fortunately the De La Borda family was allowed to keep the Casa Hacienda and 10 hectares of land. Being impossible to keep the cotton business running in an effective way, his descendants in 1980 decided to modify the premises and transform the into a 38 room friendly family hotel. In 2005 they sold the property and a new administration took over the business and since then the hotel has been going through constant innovations.

Many areas of the old Hacienda that had fallen into ruins after the 1996 earthquake have been rebuilt, respecting the original architecture, and a as a result, the hotel has now 88 rooms, including Suites, Junior Suites, Quadruple, Triple, Double and Single rooms, including two rooms for disabled guests. There is also a reading room, playroom, TV room and a main drawing room. There is also a large dining room and an outside bar close to the swimming pool. There is a chapel and a conference room. The 5 acre garden holds a large variety of plants, including bougainvilleas that are over 100 years old.

There is a planetarium, where, in a virtual way, the theory of Maria Reiche that relate the Nazca lines with the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere, are shown. After the presentation the Nazca sky can be scrutinised with large telescopes.

The hotel has also got its own production of Pisco, the Peruvian National Spirit. In our cellar, guests can appreciate how the Pisco is made in our copper still. At the hotel, guests will find a vast collection of Pre-Inca fabrics, as well as pottery, Colonial, Republican and Modern art including furniture, sculptures and paintings. All the works of art belong to one of the owners and are on loan to the hotel. The idea is to give the guest a glimpse of all Peruvian culture in one place. The hotel owns 60 hectares of land, where Tara is grown. The hotel also has 4 hectares of grapes, exclusively for the production of Pisco, which is offered to our guests. The main attraction of the Nazca area is its famous Nazca Lines. The hotels sister company, Air Majoro, is the only operator in Nazca that holds and ISO 9001-2008 version. Air Majoro is a service exclusively for the hotel guests.

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Check in From 16:00 until 00:00
Check out From 05:00 until 12:00
1.34 km from Maria Reiche Neuman Airport 98.98 km from Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport 103.07 km from Francisco Carle Airport
Main Restaurant - Peruvian and International Cuisine Hours - 19.00-22.00
Business Facilities
1 Meeting Room *Total Area Measurement - 120 m2 *Largest Room Capacity - 150 persons *Largest Room Measurements - 12m X 10m *Catering Services
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